Stone Edge Landscape Curbing, LLC Installation Process

1. Meet the crew and get an estimate, design and discuss the yard enhancement. First step in the curbing process is obtaining a “Free Estimate” from Stone Edge Landscape Curbing. We will come out to the home owners house and go over the location of the curbs to be installed, discuss the different styles, coloring options and stamping styles available. Stone Edge Landscape Curbing will bring out samples of the curbs so that the home owner can actually see what the curb product will look like in there yard.

2. Accept of job estimate, schedule time for job to be done. Once the home owner accepts the bid, Stone Edge will work with customer to schedule a time, weather dependent, to install the curbing that meets the customers needs.

Day of installation:

1. Crew arrives and begins to set up equipment. Care is taking to minimize the mess to the owners property and street, tarps are laid out a catch material under the trailer, steps are taking to leave the property better then we found it.

2. Finalize any changes with the home owner. Home owner ok’s final layout to be installed. Where the front edge of the curbing is to be installed, we mark the line with spray paint and sprinkler locations are marked.

3. Use bed edger and hand tools to prep area to have curbing installed. Sod/turf is removed by a Bed Edger machine. Machine mulches up the sod and dirt and leaves it in a pile to use as back fill behind the curb after it is completed. Trench is leveled with hand tools to maintain a natural flow of the curb.
4. Curbing specialized curbing mixture prepared. Stone Edge uses premium materials and additives in the curbing process, to make strongest curbs in the NW. It is a mixture of sand, cement, fiber mesh (for strength) and 2 other additives to provide strength and minimize effloresces. The first additive increases the strength of the cured concrete curb, and the second product minimizes the effloresces. Effloreseces is the white salts that can be seen on concrete when it cures.

5. Extrude the curb through the machine. Curb is extruded through the slip form on the curbing machine.

6. Finish troweling and cutting of expansion joints.

7. Hand finish the ends of the curb where they tie into concrete or other areas.

8. Site clean up and haul away by crew. Crew cleans up home owners property, sweeping up and cleaning up any messes that are made. A place to dump water from the cement mixer must be identified on the home owners property.

9. Final inspection by owners and crew.

10. Go over care sheet and warranty with home owner.

11. Explain referal option for company.

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