Stone Edge Warranty

We offer a full one year warranty for workmanship and material defects. Normal cracking will take place over the settling period. We put control joints in the curb to reduce the cracking to certain location. We have even went a step further and added fiber reinforcement and other additives to minimize cracking and shrinking. Although Stone Edge Landscape Curbing, LLC additives help prevent cracking, these don’t always work 100% of the time due to “mother nature” and being made from natural materials. If excessive cracking occurs call us to access the situation. If both parties agree that it would be better to replace a section, the coloring and stamp pattern may actually make the repair look “ill” instead of improving the look due to cracking. Remember any alterations or changes are better to be done with-in the first 30 days of the installation. After this time the colors may vary slightly. We will always keep on file your color, style and texture used. Sunlight, temperature, sand, concrete all have influence into the final coloring. Results may vary slightly due to these mentioned items from the original job. Remember a hairline crack is less noticeable than a patch of discoloration in a curbing section.

Care Sheet

Thank you for investing in our product and services. We hope you find that property improvement and “Curb Appeal” you were looking for. We take pride in all of our installations. See below for some minor details you should be aware of. By following these care instructions it will make your newly installed curbs last for many years to come.

1. Keep pets, children, and objects away from the curb for at least 24 hours. It will be “hard” to the touch at this point, but will still need a few days to get completely hard.
2. Please leave sprinklers off for 48 hours after installation. Irrigation, rainfall, condensation lines, or any excess water can damage the curbs in the first 48 hours. Yard work may resume after 24 hours however caution must be taken as shovels, picks, and wheelbarrows can damage the curb for several days while it is fully curing.
3. Concrete curbing takes 14-28 days to fully cure. You will notice the color of the edging changing during the curing process. Don’t worry; this is normal and it will achieve its final color when curing is complete.
4. If you have a landscape contractor working for you, caution them about protecting the curb from damage. If wheelbarrows are used for hauling rock over the curb, put a mound of dirt over it (6” deep) or build a ramp over the curb to deep from cracking it. Never allow a tractor or a truck to run over the curb.
5. Although we have added an additive to your curb to minimize efflorescence (white powdery substance) it may still appear on occasion. A solution of 50/50 vinegar and water with a light brushing will remove efflorescence. You may have to do this a few times; eventually, the efflorescence should go away.
6. Once in awhile curbing with color in it may look, “splotchy,” for a few days while it is curing. This will go away as it cures and is not to be confused with efflorescence.
7. If curbing is damaged we will come back and make necessary repairs. If the repairs are not covered under warranty, there will be a minimum $200.00 charge.
8. Tree Rings - We do not warranty against cracking for tree rings due to tree roots.


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